How to Become More Tech-Savvy

Posted: 03.04.2019

Need to ramp up your tech skills for virtual work? Here are just a few ideas to help you.
You don’t have to walk far when stepping outside in order to see some form of tech being used by an individual. That is why, it is important to not only know about what these innovations are but how you can use them to your advantage. In other words, there are a number of steps you can follow in order to become more tech-savvy.
Use the internet and search engines for any information you may need, for instance, will come in handy at any point in your life. Also, how often do you read the instruction manual for a gadget that you have purchased? If you don’t, the time to start is now.
Here are a number of ways that you are guaranteed to become more tech-savvy.

Use the internet to your advantage

The World Wide Web is a powerful tool that everyone can use to their advantage. Have a client that wants you to know Dropbox or Googlesheets? Get in there and use it!  Most software that clients use to work virtually with a team is free or has a free trial, so take advantage of it. With the internet, you have an unlimited amount of information right at your fingertips.
No matter what your question or problem is, there is always an answer that you can find in the span of a few seconds, and ever-so-often minutes. On the internet, you can watch tutorials on YouTube, read guides from industry leaders and Google the simplest of answers with minimal disruption to your day.

Ask for advice from someone that understands technology

They say that millennials are tech-savvy, especially when it comes to the workforce. Thus, if you find yourself in a situation where you are still learning the ropes of the latest innovations and how you can use various tablets, computers and mobile phones for a particular task, you can simply ask for advice from someone that is more proficient.

There is a trouble-shoot solution for everything

Imagine a scenario where your computer crashes all of a sudden, the internet no longer works, you can no longer hear music playing when you plug in headphones, among other problems. Technology isn’t always perfect, but you can always make use of it to the best of your abilities and learn how to troubleshoot any problem that you are facing. For instance, there are steps you can take to perform an audio troubleshooter, if you find that you can no longer hear audio or sound coming from your computer.

Every single malfunction has an easy solution, and sometimes, all you have to do is take to the internet and place your question into a search engine. You live in a world where this is possible, and it only takes a few seconds out of your time to do the initial research.

Speak to an IT professional

IT professionals play an important role in company settings, and they are often hired to ensure nothing is amiss with the computer connection that everyone depends on. They are the individuals that are tasked with fixing computer software and technical issues, and they always know exactly what to do no matter what happens with a particular computer.
Thus, if you are planning to become more tech-savvy yourself, it would be worthwhile to get the opinion of this individual for your malfunctions. They can teach you about computers and can act as a mentor. If you have a friend or family member who is an IT expert, then that is an even bigger bonus.

Take classes

Classes are available for almost everything online.  You should consider advancing your virtual skills by taking some online classes. Here are a few places to take online classes.
Udemy – has online classes from Excel to Oracle, and everything in between and with classes as low as 11.99, you can’t lose.
Skillshare – is another learning site that has thousands of courses from business to technology and is free to start.
Skillcrush – this is for mainly for those serious about learning web development coding skills. Classes start at around 499.
Excel Easy - Free classes and tutorials  for learning Microsoft Excel.

Continuously learn as technology advances

Every single day, there are new gadgets and innovations that are introduced on the market. Technology is not standing still, and that is why you must be continuously learning if you want to become tech-savvy. Keep your ears open for new tech that you can use and be sure to follow all of the aforementioned points that have been noted up until this point.
Given the ubiquity of technology, the importance of it cannot go disregarded. You rely on mobile phones to communicate every single day, but in addition to this, tech is used for work purposes, entertainment, and overall even during leisure time. There isn’t a single time of the day where you can argue tech isn’t useful, at least to some extent. Whether you do it for your personal or business purposes, you will always stand to benefit from increasing your technical proficiency.

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