4 Ways to Make Working with a Virtual Assistant Safer

Posted: 09.25.2019

Hiring a virtual assistant is a process that helps improve your overall productivity and the stability of your company via a variety of benefits such as reduced payroll expenditure, enhanced efficiency, and increased output. However, as with every other step involved in operating a business, there may be some risks involved when you hire and work with a remote virtual assistant. Fortunately, you can steer clear of such risks by heeding the following 4 tips, giving yourself maximum protection against fraud, cybercrime, and any other form of mishap that might negatively affect your working relationship with your virtual assistant.

1. Have a Computer Forensics Team on Standby

Before you start taking preventative measures to minimize the chances of something going wrong during your dealings with a virtual assistant, it’s best to have a backup strategy that you can rely on in the event of a worst-case scenario. Since essential company data is often one of the most valuable assets entrusted to virtual assistants, it’s wise to look for a competent team of computer forensic specialists who would be able to help you recover lost, stolen, or damaged data. One example of an industry-leading firm in this arena is Secure Forensics, a provider of computer forensics, private investigation, and data breach response services.

2. Use Employee Monitoring Software

Now that you have a way to get your crucial files back if your virtual assistant accidentally or purposefully messes with your data, it’s time to put them to work inside of an online employee monitoring or project management interface. The goal here is to achieve complete transparency by giving yourself the ability to view your employees’ digital activities. Some might feel that this is a bit intrusive, but if the goal is to create a completely safe working relationship like the kind you’d see in a large corporation, then having staff work within a monitored company network is always the best approach.

3. Limit Access and Privileges

Another way to prevent the unlikely event of your virtual assistants damaging aspects of your business is to only give them the information and access they need to complete their jobs. Eventually, once you find an employee that you feel you can trust, you may then give them the privilege of knowing your site’s administrative login or access to your email contacts and correspondence. However, it’s best to initially keep such critical login credentials private for the sake of safety.

4. Keep Financial Data Private

Just as certain usernames and passwords shouldn’t be shared with your virtual assistants, it’s also imperative that you never hand over any sensitive data like credit card numbers or merchant account logins. This might create an extra step for you, because you will still have to manage finances personally, but security is a fair trade-off for the extra effort.

Reward Your Best Assistants

As you scale your business up and hire more virtual assistants, it would be beneficial for you to pay attention to the performance and quality of work provided by each employee. By rewarding your most productive and/or quality-oriented assistants, you can mitigate the risk of having dissatisfied clients, which is clearly a critical part of protecting your company through safe working relationships.

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