4 Things You Need to Know if You Want to Work from Home

Posted: 09.20.2019

Working from home is a dream for many people. But the realities of it are often vastly different to people’s expectations. If you are planning on turning your home into your workplace, there are some things that are helpful to know beforehand.

Freelancer or Employee?

When you are working from home, you can either be working for yourself or for someone else. You need to be clear about which of these categories you fall into and what the implications of that are for your professional life.
If you are working for someone else, then a work from home job is going to follow the same rules as regular employment. Of course, you will be working at home instead of their place of business, but you will still be expected to meet the same obligations.

If you are a freelancer, then you won’t have a constant salary, nor will you be tied down to a specific employer. Some freelancing positions will involve contracted work that does guarantee money for a set period and may require you to work exclusively for a single business.
Being a freelancer means that you’re your own boss. This gives you more control but also more responsibility. We’ll come on to this shortly.

Control Means Responsibility

The more control you have over your professional life - which you will if you are working for yourself in any capacity - the more responsibilities you will have in order to ensure that you have money coming in.
Let’s say that you are applying for a content writing job that you can do from home. If you are free to take on work at your own pace, that means you will also need to organize yourself and manage your time effectively. As appealing as working from home might be, some people need some direction and guidance from a boss or manager.

There are Opportunities Everywhere

Whatever your hobbies, interests, and passions, there are always work at home opportunities you can take advantage of. For example, as these Gumstix success stories demonstrate, if you have a vision for a product or idea, you can make it a reality. If you want to design and build electronics, there’s no reason you can’t do so from your own home.
If you are working for yourself, you will need to become proficient at seeking out opportunities and taking advantage of them when you find them.

How to Maintain the Home/Work Balance

One potential complication of working from home that is often overlooked is that your home will also become your workplace. This means that you will have to find a way of making sure that you don’t always feel like you are at work. It is a good idea to give yourself a dedicated space in your home to work from. Working in front of Netflix all day can be fun, but then when you’re done with work, where do you go?

If you think that working from home is the right option for you, you need to think carefully about exactly what it is that you want to do. Jobs that you do from home are not inherently easier than other jobs; in fact, they are often more challenging, but for different reasons. However, if you are sure that this is the right path for you, you can find opportunities everywhere.

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